Managing a global team greg james at sun microsystems inc what should james do in long time

Executing Strategy with Global Virtual Teams - Case Study

However, they had a collective problem. Third, a survey of three operating systems indicates that one open source operating system experienced less exposure in the form of known but unpatched vulnerabilities over a month period than was experienced by either of two proprietary counterparts.

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Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc. Essay Sample

Specific protocols for specific tasks may also be supported such as NFS for file access. James managed his global team poorly.

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Something is horribly wrong with this picture, especially when one adds the Uranium One, Clinton, Putin, Mueller fiasco into the mix. It may seem like their conflicts have occurred within the team, but there are other environmental factors such as their work schedule and differential compensation that led team members to feel discontented.

There are many documents specific to a language, which are further discussed in the language-specific sections of this book. It is pretty well hidden. They were not able to focus on the problem at hand and understand one another since the trust and respect were not established among members. Attempts to access other addresses trigger an interrupt which cause the CPU to re-enter supervisor modeplacing the kernel in charge.

In long-term, James should travel time to time to all the four branches and try to build better communication and trust between the team across the branches. In general terms, supervisor mode operation allows unrestricted access to all machine resources, including all MPU instructions.

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Greg James, a global manager at Sun Microsystems, Inc., sets out to meet with his entire member customer implementation team spread across India, France, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America to resolve a dire customer system outage as required by a service agreement.

Sun Microsystems is a classic case of the factors affecting and managing global teams. There are several teams involved. There are from North American team located in their US headquarters, European team located in France, Middle Eastern Team located in UAE, and Asian Team locate in India.

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Jan 30,  · Sun Microsystems. Managing a Global Team Case Study: Managing a Global Team In the Harvard Business School case study Managing a Global Team, Sun Microsystems was a company that provided information technology solutions regarding hardware, software, storage, and services (p.

6). The company’s origin. Sun Microsystems was not able to promptly respond to the incident and the following business disruption was so intense that HS holding is threatening a lawsuit against Sun Microsystems. Consequences to Sun Microsystems • Risk of being lawsuited and pay damages to HS Holding • Request to reimburse $K paid annually by HS Holding as premium.

Managing a global team greg james at sun microsystems inc what should james do in long time
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Managing a Global Team: Greg James at Sun Microsystems, Inc. | Essay Example