Life without newspapers

It is for lack of advertising. Are they only news printed on paper. If you see something worth keeping in the news, how are you going to cut it out and post it in the house.

Oh, and a guy named Larry H. Same is true with your favorite bloggers. If a local columnist writes something that makes you angry, how are you going to wad up your PC and throw it across the room. Many of you are getting more of your news from the computer instead of an actual newspaper.

It was once thick and fat. Our mornings would begin with the usual breakfast but without the stack of papers informing us about the happenings around our society and the world in general. Think of how many hardships there would be without The Paper.

You see, without newspapers, life as you know it would not be the same.

Life without newspapers: A scary idea

I would say that within my lifetime I shall see the end of newspapers - or at least the printed, physical kind. Last time I checked, there wasn't a great demand for, say, cartoonists and columnists in the board room or even the McDonald's counter. Reach him at lounews1 gmail. Let's see you read the news from a computer while you eat breakfast.

What would you wrap fish in. One way or the other, it has become an integral part of our daily routine, which we cannot do without. His column of personal opinion appears the first Saturday of every month.

Think of the ramifications. Be it daily news, shopping, entertainment or any other topic under the sun, the Internet provides us with vast amount of information whereas newspapers present an adequate amount of information that the common man needs to know about a certain topic or issue. But how are you managing it.

They're cutting back staffs, and the size of the product … you could slide today's newspaper under the door. Paying a fair price for what we give you is key.

The shoppers have plenty of ads, of course, but the articles are more local, more interesting, and, in my opinion, better written. Or the typewriter whatever that was. With the advent of television, there have been several debates on the ubiquitous newspaper coming to an end.

We keep tabs on those pesky politicians, uncover wrongdoing and inform you on the wild and crazy things going on.

With print, one might not have the latest news but there does exist a built-in sense for its freshness. What I always liked about the huge newsprint page was that the headlines jumped out at you.

Until that happens, subscribe. Watching television can at times become monotonous. Is it to be well informed and to have an open mind on the various important topics of the day or just to show off?. I’m a headline reader now.

Head and subhead are often enough to get the gist of the story. With print I would likely have scanned the first paragraph at the very least, and often got sucked into the whole story.

Apr 24,  · All the news that's fit to print. I am old. I am so old that I still like to start each morning with a printed, paper newspaper at breakfast.

I could read the paper online, on my iPad or my. Life Without Newspapers Posted on January 28, by Alex As I told the Chronicle yesterday when they called to win me back with a half-price offer, “you know.

After the above discussions we realize that a life without newspapers is a very isolated life indeed. In the world of today, where everybody and everything is connected. They walk around without a care in life throughout the show drinking, smoking, cussing, and fighting with other housemates.

The men could be just as bad, they would walk around without a shirt on most times and barely wearing boxers or briefs.

Life without newspapers

Newspapers were an important part of my daughter’s early life. When she was little we’d spread one out and look at the pictures, then sound out the words together.

Life without newspapers
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