Godiva chocolatier swot

Additionally, it has become one of the most open economies for both trade and investment nationally and globally. Base on different culture and customer behavior, Godiva needs to fully research in Chinese market.

Conclusion and recommendations Godiva is one of the most prominent companies in the chocolate industry. However, despite the harsh competition in this industry, this company has always been talked about by the lovers of chocolate.

The company, therefore, despite the increase in the prices of its products still attracts a substantial number of customers that can sustain it in the market.

This will consequently increase the target market for Godiva products.

My recommendation would be since according to forecast, the Singapore economy is expected to rise in the future, which means the people earnings will go up including the youth of below 30 years, the products should be given a youthful appearance to attract the youth.

They trust and remain loyal to the company since the company is well known in the provision of high class and premium products which satisfy the customers. Companies and organizations operating in this country are guaranteed access to competent and unbiased judicial system, transparency and consistence in government guidelines, implementation of strong and good corporate governance policy, as well as anticorruption policies.

This group of consumers mostly looks for premium and highly customized products. The company desires to increase distribution channels outside London utilizing similar associate if the strategy works in London.

Chocolate SWOT Analysis

The first key group is for business gifts giving. This gives it a competitive edge over the other companies in this industry since it is able to tap a bigger market. The company expanded further and bythe company products had reached United States where most of the products were sold mostly in luxury strip malls.

Godiva reached out to its consumers through its user-friendly virtual shop and disturbing its product in major grocery stores.

These programs are exploited by corporate rewards, sales incentives, as well as recognition. Godiva chocolates have created two segment; corporate segment and affluent retail market. Godiva has more than monopoly stores in the different areas of the world, and they provide unique products to customers.

How to Write a Summary of an Article. Introduction of discount pricing for all the corporate segment for the first time client, and also a for longer time clients, that is, those clients that have been in business for more than three years.

The internal environment is showing the environment inside the company. Another form of advertising that Godiva can introduce is the Godiva Theater. The company has a plan of diverting more attention to Singapore, since Singapore is one of the wealthiest and prosperous nations and thus the demand for premium goods and services is high.

In addition, the forecast shows that there will be an increase in the growth rate and; therefore, the economy is expected to pick up.

These are people mostly love indulging in rich and delicious products, for example, products in the world of chocolate. Packing of products, on the other hand, differs from country to country to meet different needs of the customer.

Godiva Chocolatier Swot

Godiva Theater is a domestic strategy that can be used in promotion of products, in Singapore. Promotion strategy The aim of Godiva promotion message into the global and common campaign is to unify its advertising message. It has over retail outlets globally and focuses on building capabilities to adapt to its increasing local markets.

There are vast Infrastructures in this country, and thus the company has taken this opportunity and introduced online shopping for its products. It has three stores in this country that are situated in main locations, for example, in large cities and islands where there is easy accessibility and convenient for customers shopping their products.

This gives this company a competitive edge in this industry. Therefore, the company will be better situated to compete in this industry. The Godiva also needs SWOT analysis and 4Ps to do some for the company. The SWOT analysis can reflect strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for the company.

Godiva Chocolatier Swot

Otherwise, 4Ps can measure whether Godiva should enter Chinese marketing and expanding it.4/4(1). Company history Godiva Chocolatier is a multinational Company that deals with manufacturing of premium chocolates and other products related to chocolates. Godiva was founded inin Belgium, but later purchased by the Turkish Yildiz Holdings, the owner of Ulker Group.

Godiva europe company 1. Presented by Andrea Aguila Stefanie Aguila Natalia Salazar 2. INDEX Historical Background Current Situation Godiva in the World SWOT Analysis Main Questions and Recommendations Case update.

chocolate Godiva Background Godiva Chocolatier, a Belgium chocolate manufacturer famous for its premium quality handcrafted chocolates, was founded in in Brussels by the master chocolatier Joseph Draps and it was purchased by the Campbell Soup Company which faciliatates the activities of brand aroun the World.

Godiva Chocolatier Swot Words | 12 Pages. Introduction Godiva has for a long time now being among the leading corporations in its area of expertise, chocolate.

Currently, it records a sale of million USD per year. It offers a very interactive, as well as customer service, where consumers are able to feel the staffs’ sincerity.

Godiva Case

Godiva Chocolatier Profile Essay about Godiva Chocolatier Swot Introduction Godiva has for a long time now being among the leading corporations in its area of expertise, chocolate.

Currently, it records a sale of million USD per year. It offers a very interactive, as well as customer service, where consumers are able to feel the.

Godiva chocolatier swot
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