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Do you mean that they are a sort of science of praying and sacrificing. There was a notion that came into my mind while you were speaking; I said to myself: I understand-a sort of ministration to the gods.

How would you show that all the gods absolutely agree in approving of his act. But I have a kindly habit of pouring out myself to everybody, and would even pay for a listener, and I am afraid the Athenians think me too talkative.

Socrates' criticism of religion. When asked, you only replied, Doing as you do, charging your father with murder.

Please exert yourself, for there is no real difficulty in understanding me. Were we not saying that the holy or pious can not be the same as that which is loved of the gods. Suppose the first horn: And what the God s loves or approves of is based on some property of an action.

Would you not say that victory in war is the chief of them. Even today Plato's dialogues remain enshrined in colleges and universities throughout the western world, where they continue to be used for institutional promotion.

There were disagreements over the validity of even headmaster Plato's theories--some of which indeed were far out in terms of credibility. For attention can hardly be used in the same sense when applied to the gods as when applied to other things.

Socrates has been called to meet the charges of Meletus and Euthyphro is bringing charges of murder against his father who has indirectly caused the death of one of their slaves. I fancy that he must be a wise man, and seeing that I am the reverse of a wise man, he has found me out, and is going to accuse me of corrupting his young friends.

Euthyphro-Plato: Concept of Piety/Holiness Paper

In general, if one's normative ethics are authoritarian, and one's authorities are rational and use their rationality in forming moral judgments, then one's recta-ethics cannot also be authoritarian.

Then some one else has been prosecuting you.

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Many of us believe certain particular actions to be pious before God; though this is not the whole truth. They establish Plato as a quiet but leading disciple of Socrates, and they portray Socrates as an entertaining wit, a penetrating thinker, and an inspired teacher, judged by the god Apollo himself to be the wisest of mortals.

Freebase ( / 0 votes) Rate this definition: Euthyphro Taking place during the weeks leading up to Socrates' trial, the dialogue features Socrates and Euthyphro, a religious expert also mentioned at Cratylus a and d, attempting to define piety or holiness. mass noun. 1The quality of being religious or reverent.

‘acts of piety and charity’. ‘True spirituality does not vest in any one religion or form of piety, it is to be found in the least expected of places.’. ‘The former have been religions of piety with a strong tendency to deny reason.’.

The more we see God in his infinite majesty, holiness, and transcendent glory, the more we will gaze with wonder and amazement upon his love poured out at Calvary. But it is also true that the more deeply we perceive God’s love to us in Christ, the more profound will be our reverence and awe of him.

The Euthyphro Dialogue

In the Euthyphro Socrates asks for a "definition" of the word 'piety' (or 'holiness'), that is to say, he wants the criterion for a correct application of the word 'piety'.

However, the only criterion that can [-- What kind of possibility is this? Third Definition of Piety All Euthyphro need do is replace the word 'the' in the second definition by the word 'all' in order to eliminate the problem that arose in trying to apply the second definition.

KJV Dictionary Definition: holiness

From the holiness of God is derived that ceremonial holiness of things which is characteristic of the Old Testament religion. Whatever is connected with the worship of the holy Yahweh is itself holy. Nothing is holy in itself, but anything becomes holy by its consecration to Him.

Definition of piety holiness
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Plato's Euthyphro